The Zone - At the Corner Of Addiction and Recovery

Grand Opening September 29th

The Zone will become a safe haven of acceptance for anyone in any stage of recovery. A Recovery Community Organization (RCO} to support long-term recovery and re-entry
  • Social Events
  • Sober Sports
  • Exercise & Yoga Classes
  • Chiropractic Services
  • Speaker’s Bureau
  • Educational Materials
  • Resource Library
  • Interview Training
  • College Re-entry Support
  • Scholarship Support
  • Art & Music Therapy
  • Life-Saving Training
  • Opioid Awareness Promotion
  • Relaxation Techniques

In the United States, every 12 minutes a life is lost to opioid/heroin addiction making it the leading cause of accidental death in the United States. The relapse rate for opioid/heroin addiction is astronomical and a person coming out of a 28 day Rehab facility is 32x more likely to overdose and die within the first 4 months of leaving the facility than if they had never been admitted. To make a difference for those suffering with the disease of opioid/heroin addiction, the foundation addresses 5 areas: Awareness, Prevention, Education, Harm Reduction, Recovery

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Comment from: Jason Gribble ·

06/05/16 @ 04:55 pm

With so many people inquiring about the incredible benefits, and necessity of The Zone, the DDF has started a site that will be completely dedicated to this Recovery Community Organization. You can visit it directly at Donations and support will still run through the website.

Recovery Is Saving Our Children.
Combat Opioid / Heroin Addiction.

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