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Simply put, The Zone saves and transforms lives here in the community.  We are extremely proud of all the people actively working so hard to stay sober.  From Recovery and Mental Health Coaching, to Meetings, Training, and to all the service metrics, people are thriving with the safe support offered at The Zone.

Latest News

The Zone in Marietta, Ga provides services to help those in Long Term Recovery, stay in recovery.  We Fight Addiction and Fuel Recovery through our support and services.  Embark on this incredible journey and learn all about us as we lead and pioneer in services to help those struggling, forge and become outstanding members of their communities.


What does recovery look like? People in long term recovery share their journey on the road to recovery and how The Zone and the DDF helped to illuminate that path. Missy Owen talks about her mission to educate the masses and support the recovery community.


Take a journey with a family member on what it means to love so much, yet feel so powerless to help a family member, loved one or friend that is struggling with addiction.  Life is full of portals, some uplifting, and others not so much so.

"It was dark, it was light, it was anxiety, it was relaxation, it was reality, it was fantasy, it was unknown, it was all he knew."

The Zone is an extension of the Davis Direction Foundation’s non-profit corporation, that is led and governed by people in recovery. It is a Recovery Support Organization (RSO) that mobilizes resources within and outside of the recovery community to make it possible for the recovery population to find long-term recovery. The main focus of The Zone is to help individuals in recovery stay in recovery by providing evidenced-based peer support, recovery support meetings, and community outreach events, facilitating peer connections in a supportive environment. 


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