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Brand: Ryan Porter Candier
  • ALL NATURAL SOY WAX: Made with hand-crafted pure soy wax with quality paraffin, our sassy candle offers more burn time than ordinary candles that burn out quickly and smell stinky. The 100% cotton woven lead-free wicks won’t pollute the air as it has its natural fragrance!
  • EXCELLENT ENTICEMENT: Perfectly designed to infuse your space with aromatherapy fragrances, our candles produce a warm glow that creates a tranquil ambiance in every room. The vibrant colors of our candles along with beautiful sayings brighten up your home with a refreshing ambiance everywhere!
  • CONSPICUOUS SENTENCES: The phrase"GO SHAWTY IT'S YO’ BIRTHDAY” instantly brings the mood of celebration around you. The buttercream flavored scents along with the colorful sprinkle of this candle give you a tempting smell in your celebration room. The words written on this candle will make you feel special on your birthday.
  • THE FINEST GIFT: If you would like to gift your best friend in a unique way who always looks fresh, then this is the perfect gift for you. This is an amazing gift for any occasion like women's day, birthday, Valentine’s day, or as a simple memorable gift. The quality is perfected by hours of testing to bring you perfection!
  • EXTENSIVE USE: Everything you expect out of your candle and more! This sassy candle fills the whole space with a bourbon scent that makes you feel cozy all the time. Meanwhile, premium glass jar design not only for comfortable texture but also for better ventilation. Your positive vibes are what the universe needs right now.
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